Clyde the Glide

Clyde is the most powerful Familiar MAGPETEo has ever had the pleasure of working with. He can Walk Like Dog, an extremely rare Familiar Attribute.

His favored prey are baby bunnies and chipmunks. Eyeballs and spines are a normal gift from Clyde to Magpeteo. In return MAGPETEo provides Clyde with Tuna Power.

Finding Out is all Clyde does, and you can too if you Fuck Around.


TarkStructor and Garm the Harm support Sweat Golem in every Endeavor. Whether that be Sweating, Drinking PBR Tallboys or Crying Himself to Sleep.

They Found Out the day they tried to Fuck Around with ‘Ol Sweaty, and are ready to pass that Love on to You!