Coven – Beta Team

Beta Team are the Westside squad who form FUCKONOTRON, the level 2.6 Milli Diamond Plated Death Machine from the PNW.


A liar by any other name is still a liar. Charlieton may or may not be Fucking With you, as the Heart and Soul of FUCKONOTRON he brings the doubt.

You wanna Find Out!


You may or may not have met theĀ 

Sensei UkeleleFist

UkeleleFist is a Lord of Edgertucky. Equipped with Black Belts in Kyuki-Do, Loud Talking, Napping and Barging, he’s definitely one you want on your team.

Go fishing with Ol’ UkeFist and Find Out.

Grizzrobo, Gunslinger

Grizz Fucks Around with a vengeance, Breeding and Feeding on the daily. Mrs. Robo has birthed 3 amazing children including JJ Jiu-Jitsu Jammies and the Wookie Twins.

Find Out from Grizz and you might just meet your last Space Marine.


NoAhh has only been captured on film once. He Fucked Around, then Found Out when his Soul was Captured on the Devil’s Medium.

As a result of this unfortunate incident NoAhh was transformed in to the SEOMaster he is today. Find a picture? Fuck Around.