Welcome to MAGPETEo.com, your Authority on Magnetic Fireballs!

This is your chance to join the Coven – Alpha Team as we are still in the building stage and have yet to widely publicize this exciting new Venture. Simply Fuck Around, you just Found Out.

Browse the Bazaar, buy some shit, send us nonsense, we’re still in Alpha so content is rapidly changing.

Stay Tuned for your chance to purchase Customized Folk Art that you can stick to your planet killing Automobile or your Dairy Preserving refrigerator.


Jugglmantic Fire

MAGPETEo is not only a Master of Magnetism, he is the Leader of Coven – Alpha Team and a practicioner of Jugglmancy.

As you can see he is sorely in need of practice and a more helpful audience. If only some of Alpha Team had been there to assist, this tragedy might not have occured.